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Sites of Interest to Wine Enthusiasts


If you like wine and information about wine, or you'd like to learn more about it, visit the sites listed below. A brief description is included to help you find topics of interest.

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What’s In This Site?

Wine Facts:
Viticulture? Terroir? Vinification? Add to your knowledge of grape varieties and what makes a fine wine.

Related Links:
More wine sites, including topics as diverse as the history of wine, advice on reading wine labels, tainted wine, and the art of tasting.

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Wine Sites:

Do you have a question about wine selection? Are you interested in learning more about tasting, pouring, or serving wine? Our resident wine expert will answer your personal wine questions! Visit this site to read interesting questions from other readers and the Wine Master's expert and entertaining responses.

There's something about wine and food . . . learn to pair a fine wine with your speciality dish or, better yet, use wine to enhance the flavours of your favourite sauces. This site also offers tips on serving wine and giving wine as a gift.

Does the jargon on wine labels confuse you? Some of us lack the confidence to select wines for dinners, parties, and other special occasions. Visit this site to learn more about choosing wine and making sense of the language of winespeak.

Are you a champagne lover? Did you know that one of England's best-kept secrets is that it produces an excellent sparkling wine? Visit this site and see for yourself.

The popularity of wine throughout the world is beyond dispute. But how did wine achieve such status? Learn about the beginnings of wine, its influence on our culture, and the reasons for its continued popularity.

What do you do when the cork smells musty? What if you're served bad wine in a restaurant? This site discusses the topic of tainted or "corked" wine thoroughly.

Anyone can drink wine, but it takes practice to be able to recognize and distinguish a wine's characteristics. Learn the art of wine tasting—really, there's more to it than just that first sip.

Everything about wine—from gift ideas to advice on collecting wines—for enthusiasts and budding connoisseurs. Bookmark this site; it's important reading for newlyweds!

This site is your complete guide to the world of wine, from the planting of the vine to the bottling of the finished wine. Whet your appetite for visiting wineries—a sure way to add excitement to your travel adventures.

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Shop on-line for superb award-winning wines, from still to sparkling to popular fruit wines. Read about Carr-Taylor's world-class award-winning sparkling wine.

If you've kept up with the wine news, you know that Australian wines are gaining an excellent reputation all over the world. Now the ultimate luxury: shop on line for your favourite!

This is the ultimate wine lover's online gift shop! You'll find everything from elegant decanters to professional corkscrews, but just wait until you see the wine lover ties and socks!

No time for travel this month? Then take a tour of a vineyard! The best part is the finale where you can shop for a bottle of fine wine from the comfort of your desktop.

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Other Sites:

The Art of Drinking
Short, sweet, informative, and sometimes even hilarious! Read about wine, beer, booze, and other drinking topics at this fun site. Send in your own article too!

History of Beer
Are you baffled by the array of beers? Find out what gives beer its distinctive flavour and learn to identify the characteristics of the major varieties.

History of Cider
What is cider, anyway? If you have a thirst for something a little different, read how cider is made, where it originated, and why it remains popular today.

History of Whisky
From scotch to bourbon to Irish to Canadian, this site explores the origins and varieties of this classic beverage and explains its enduring popularity all over the world.

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